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Brooke Shields Kept Memento From Split With Andre Agassi? Appears In New Episode of ‘The Middle’ on ABC

Brooke and Andre – Mullet Love


Oh, quit it.  You thought the same thing I did when I saw Brooke Shields sporting a mullet for her role in The Middle’  as Rita, the white trash nemesis of Patricia Heaton’s mom-character, Frankie.

Oh, the good ole days when Brooke was married to self-confessed meth head tennis star, Andre Agassi.  Remember? We have Brooke to thank for her then-hubby getting the extensions ripped out then shaving his head!  I know!  Sweet of her to pay homage to the mullet, though right?


Ugh, HER. Patricia Heaton.

Photo: ABC

Oh, and p.s.  I never watch this show because I loathe Patricia Heaton and her loud-mouth, right-wing, racist rants. There. I said it.


Scarlett Johansson is gorgeous in new D&G lipstick ad – I still hate her, though.


I find ScarHo (yeah, I said it) to be incredibly irritating.  I’m not on the “isn’t Scarlett oh, so gifted?” train. No.  And HELL no.

Over-rated, pretentious, over-inflated ego…those are the words I tend to use when describing this chick.  I don’t care for her, nor do I look forward to seeing her in any manner.  (I love when I get to use that phrase.)

Having said that, ScarHo looks damn good in the latest D&G lipstick ads.  Probably because she doesn’t look much like anyone besides Marilyn Monroe.