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“GLEE” returns tonight! (Oh, and I don’t care for Lea Michelle.)

Why is Lea Michele dressed up like Nicole Richie?

I’m prepared for the public flogging, believe me.  I realize that Lea Michele’s character, Rachel is supposed to be annoying, but I get more and more irritated by here every time she opens that gigantic screech-hole of hers to hit That Special Last Note of every GD song she over-sings.  I went to high school with someone who was JUST like her…her name was Nicola (rhymes with Ricolaaaaaa).  She was blonde, overly dramatic, had the lead in Bye-Bye Birdie and told everyone she was going to live on the Côte d’Azur after having a “successful Tony Award-winning career”.    **Crickets.** Actually, she was a cross between Rachel on “Glee” and Patty Simcox from “Grease”. (“Isn’t that the most? To say the LEAST?”)

I hope I can just focus on the tremendousness that IS Jane Lynch, because if it were not for her, I might not be able to deal with another season of  Lea Michele’s too-high and dramatic shrill-fest.


(I’m kind of ducking so I won’t get smacked by the GLEEKS…)