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Javier Colon BEFORE “The Voice” (I’m freaking out!)

No. Way.


I found an old mix cd from 2007 with an amazing song called “Crazy” from 2007 that I just adore.  For the ever-lovin’ LIFE of me, I couldn’t remember who it was. Maxwell? Robin Thicke? Nope. After a little bit of research, I found out who and WHY I love this song so much.

Take a listen…

I know, right?? It’s JavierJAVIER COLON, who used to have a record contract several years ago, and is now competing on “The Voice“.  No bloody wonder I loved him so much last week!!

So yeah, I’m flipping right OUT.  Are you??

Stay tuned HERE for Brittani’s recap from tonight’s show!! Squeeeeee!