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Matthew Morrison wants Justin Timberlake on “GLEE” – at MY suggestion back in January?

JT as Mr. Shue's brother? Yes, and HELL yes.
Matthew Morrison wants Justin. Who doesn't?

Picture me with a very smug smile right about now.  I called it back in January of this year, when I made the statement that Justin Timberlake should appear on Glee as Mr. Shuester’s BROTHER.  Remember THIS?? (Click on it, kids…)

Oh nevermind…here’s my quote:


“Now, if we can get Justin Timberlake to guest-star, the trifecta  will be complete.  I see them as brothers, cousins, I don’t know.  Don’t you think they have similarities??  Come ON, FOX!!  Get on this.   And give a sister (me!) some credit, mmkay?”

Why, yes!  I’d love to offer my skills as a casting director’s consultant!!  Thanks for asking!