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Little Gaga Girl – Lady Gaga to collaborate with David Bowie?

Look! Gaga is Saturn!
A recent leaked document tells us that that one Stefani Germanotta -aka Lady Gaga -is working with the Thin White Duke -aka David Bowie.
The Thin White Duke
One word: YES!
Max’s Kansas City blog is featuring the doc that shows Bowie co-wrote (and might possibly appear on) a track called “Vinyl” that will be on Gaga’s forthcoming sophomore album. From the looks of the document, Bowie will be playing guitar, co-producing, and contributing vocals.
I can’t think of a better pairing for Gaga; both she and Bowie have a hugely experimental streak combined with a knack for writing beautiful, bangin’ tunes. Mind you, I can see some rock and roll purists making a face and accusing Gaga of being a passing fad. Think so? She seems as shrewd, self-aware, and artistically curious as Madonna -and remember when she came out? Charges she wouldn’t last a year abounded -and everyone called her a slut as well (and -sigh -they still do).
Gaga doesn’t just have the stage presence but the musical chops as well (oh, and one heck of a great voice). She might find herself with the same staying power as Madge, plus a heap of cred in the music world (though it seems as if she already has it. Bowie? Aieeee…).
Let’s just hope she watches that “occasional” recreational activity.
Aladdin Sane - Bowie
Of course, Lady G already has two memorable pairings: with Beyonce for the single “Telephone” (73 million+ views for the video, if you please), and with Elton John for the Grammys earlier this year. Big hats, outrageous makeup, huge shoulder pads, grand pianos, and art-art-art-art-art-ART. Did I mention she’s great with social media? Day-ummm.
Gaga at the Grammys - Photo by Michael Tran/FilmMagic.com
A lady of, and for, our times. Can’t wait for her and Mr. Bowie to get their “Vinyl” on. It’s neat pairings like this that make me so happy I’m living in 2010.  For those who were, or loved, or aspired to be flappers, Blue Angels, Sharks and Jets, beatniks, hippies, and to everyone who went to Studio 54 and CBGB’s in its heydey… good for you.  But there’s nowhere else I’d rather be, than right here, right now, thankyouverymuch.