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Jack White Teams Up With Hype Williams for ‘Freedom At 21’ Video – Teaser!

"Freedom at 21" - Jack White


If I had to pick one video director I never though would collaborate with Jack White, it would probably be Hype Williams (wrack your brain for all those Diddy and Missy Elliot videos from the 90’s, y’all).  That’s where this gets tricky.  One would never expect Jack White and Hype Williams to collaborate, so of course they are, which, if you think about it, makes it all very predictable!  Oh so, Jack White.  Am I coming in clear?

Anyway.  Here’s a tiny teaser clip of the Tarantino-esque video for “Freedom at 21, which will debut next week in its entirety.  (Out of the corner of my eye, that reads as FOREVER 21.)

So, yeah,  Jack White and Hype Williams? Pssssh…such an obvious choice for a collaboration.