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Let’s All Calm Down About ‘Hurricane Irene’ By: Brittani, The Girl You Want Who LIVES in N. Carolina!


This has certainly been an interesting week.

An earthquake shook the east coast, one of my favorite couples is breaking up, umm allegedly, and now a big-ass storm is about to completely ravage everything that is holy and good about the United States–at least that is what the likes of CNN and ABC News will have you believe.

I have lived in North Carolina my entire life, so hurricanes aren’t that big of a deal to me. It’s raining, and windy?! Let me make sure I’m not standing under any flying houses. I get that when there is nothing else to sensationalize that the weather becomes the news, just a few weeks ago there was constant news about the heat, because it has never been hot before you know. But, there is something about all of the coverage of Hurricane Irene that is simply tiring.

I am literally tired of hearing about this hurricane. God help you if your name is Irene, you’re probably tired of hearing about this, too. The puns, GOD, the puns! Now don’t get me wrong, I do realize that it is a threat, but is it necessary to be sending people over here to talk to possible evacuees about a storm that hasn’t even hit yet? I guess Al Roker needed to pull out his khakis and NBC logo slicker at least once this year. These are the events that make or break lesser meteorologists. It takes a real trooper to stand out in a drizzle and try to talk at the same time.

Them GUNS, Andy!

I don’t think, and I hope, that Irene will not cause too much damage, but sadly, won’t get to see Anderson Cooper braving the harsh winds after his cucumber facial and ruining yet another tight, black Prada v-neck to bring us the real story of this storm. I kid, I kid.

I’ll be happy when this passes, and we can go back to talking about fake weddings and how much the economy sucks.

So yeah…run for the HILLS! Take COVER and don’t forget your TRAIL-MIX!!