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I need a good laugh today — do you? (NSFW, Bitches.)

Hunter and Jessica's Mugshots

I KNOW. I’m late on the “Hunter and Jessica” train. Thanks to my buddy/fellow-blogger PoorBritney and our mutual friend who shall remain nameless for now, I was turned on to the awesomeness that IS Hunter and Jessica.  (And NO, smartasses, it’s not MY SON, Hunter in these fantastic videos. I bloody WISH.)

I nearly Peed. My. Pants. “Five hundred pound shut-in.” “DSW Shoe Warehouse Manager!” Only a queer and his hag can talk to each other that way. I should know.

Ummm…sorry if I offended anyone. But if you’re still reading this? “Walmart Urine Mopper.”

And I’m not sorry.

Photo: Amazeballs