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Outbreak at Playboy Mansion sickens 170 people?

The Playboy Mansion is diseased? Whaaaa?

A virus has sickened almost 200 people who attended a fundraiser at the Playboy Mansion two weeks ago. It’s not what you think! Officials from the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health said they suspect an outbreak of legionellosis, or Pontiac fever, following the February 3rd fundraiser at the famous party palace. Health officials are investigating dozens of reports of people experiencing respiratory problems, flu-like symptoms, and pneumonia. The milder form of Legionnaires’ Disease is caused by bacteria growing in warm water, like hot tubs (or grottos?) or parts of air conditioning systems. Another possible culprit could be a fog machine that was used at the party.

The event was being held in conjunction with the DOMAINfest Global conference in Santa Monica. Officials added that they do not believe the outbreak has spread beyond those involved with the event.

“I’d like to know what took away a week of my life,” attendee David Castello, who got sick after the event, told the Times. “They just need to find out where and when it started. Now it’s like a big mystery; everyone wants to know.” Other attendees started a “sick list” on Facebook that has 77 names.

I’m sure Hef is doing just fine. He did survive the Ice Age. I kid, I kid!