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Let’s Discuss William, Kate and Prince George Alexander Louis

Kate, Will and the new Prince!
Kate, Will and the new Prince George Alexander Louis


I’ll say it right off the git, so you remember: I’m a Royal Dork, and I make NO APOLOGIES for my love of William, Kate and their new baby. Got that? Let’s move on, then.

via cnn.com


Two things first, where are the names COSMO and JEROME? I’ll give you a few seconds to ponder that…


Okay. I LOVE THE NAME. George Alexander Louis. My fingers were crossed for Alexander as the Prince’s first name, but I was also hoping for George. (In fact, my darling Cynthia and I predicted the name early last evening.) When hearing “George” with an English accent, it is completely different than hearing say, George Costanza in our harsh American accent. (Are we on the same page yet?)


Let’s all just take this in for a moment. I love tradition, I love the “fairy-tale” of this couple and I pray life goes smoothly for them.