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Lindsay Lohan Is An Escort?

Oh, Lindsay.


I am Julia’s Complete Lack of Surprise.  (Can one watch Fight Club too many times?  No. And NO.)  SeemsStar Magazine is coming out with a story the we in the celebrity gossip industry — read:  “we who fool around on the internet all day long” —  have  been hearing for a couple of years.

Rumor has it that Lindsay’s mother Dina is pimping her daughter out as an (and I QUOTE) “high class escort” to wealthy “businessmen” from all over the world.

Lindsay And Dina in London

“One of Lindsay’s most high profile clients is the man who is third in line to the throne of Brunei, a small country in Southeast Asia: Prince Haji Abdul Azim.

A billionaire playboy who loves American celebrities, he allegedly paid Lindsay a whopping $100,000 to join him in London for a New Year’s celebration.

 And wealthy Spanish-American painter Domingo Zapata reportedly supported the troubled actress for much longer than a holiday.

“Domingo let Lindsay live in his penthouse at the Bowery Hotel in NYC for free and at his L.A. pad at Chateau Marmont [for months],” says one of his confidantes. “They’re both super swanky. No way Lindsay could’ve afforded either of them for such long periods of time on her own.”

I suppose we should all throw the word “ALLEGEDLY” around regarding this story, but really?  Is anyone shocked by this mess?  I’m being serious.

YOU tell ME.

Lindsay Lohan Update – Failed Intervention By Dad Michael, Called Out By Bret Easton Ellis For Being a No-Show to Work, Horrible Trailer for ‘The Canyons’

Anything for a buck, huh Linds?


We’re just gonna go ahead and kill ALL the birds with one stone today, okay?

Lindsay Lohan never fails to disappoint in terms of her hot-messiness, does she? Today we have TMZ reporting that her icky dad, Michael Lohan needed to get his name all over the internet again tried to stage an intervention for his daughter due to the fact that he thinks she might just have a substance abuse problem (whaaaa?) and she failed to show up to do dialogue-dubbing for her new film (I choked on that one) The Canyons.

via TMZ:

“Cops just showed up at Lindsay Lohan’s Beverly Hills home after Michael Lohan and others tried to stage an intervention to get Lindsay Lohan into treatment … TMZ has learned.

Michael Lohan and several others showed up at Lindsay’s house Friday afternoon … believing she has fallen off the wagon … and they believe that’s why she has become a no-show for post-production work on her upcoming movie, “The Canyons.”

Michael tells TMZ … Lindsay’s entire team is on board with the intervention, though we cannot confirm that.

We’re told Lindsay was at the house when Michael and team arrived, but someone claiming to be her boyfriend shooed them away.  The “boyfriend” told TMZ Lindsay was inside and any problems Lindsay has will not be solved by her father. 

Someone called the cops to report a trespassing call.  Cops are currently on scene.”

via Bret Easton Ellis Twitter
By the way, this straight-to-dvd mess is directed by American Gigolo director, Paul Schrader and written by American Psycho author, Bret Easton Ellis.  We’ve got the try-hard trailer below, just hold on.



Regarding Lindsay’s no-show to work, I can just hear that ciggie-stained voice honking about how “Liz and Marilyn did the SAME THING!! I’m an ICON!”  Lord, she’s delusional.

First Trailer for ‘Liz & Dick’

Can you BELIEVE there’s a POSTER for this hot mess?


In “Made For TV Movies I Won’t Be Watching” news, the first trailer for Lifetime‘s “Liz & Dick” premiered, starring Lindsay Lohan as Elizabeth Taylor and Grant Bowler as her two-time husband Richard Burton. While Lohan looks NOTHING like Taylor, Bowler makes an okay Burton, but even towards the end of his life, Richard was an attractive guy and I’m seeing none of that here.

You barely hear her in this sneak peek, but she sounds nothing like Liz. Maybe I’m just not old enough to remember that time Taylor had a constant cigarette induced cold. It does highlight Burton and Taylor’s many fights, some of which had to have taken place in a movie trailer or two. That’s the only excuse Lindsay could use as to why she decided to leave a caravan owned by Elizabeth a mess. Maybe the trailer got in her way and didn’t pay attention to her flashing lights. Maybe the trailer told Lindsay that it liked Amanda Bynes‘ movies better.

It was the trailer’s fault. Obviously.