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Sarah Jessica Parker Is Causing A Stir On Harper’s Bazaar China Cover

What’s the problem?

I’m usually the first one out of the gate to make a snotty remark about the Sarah, Jessica and Parker Stables, but I don’t really see anything terribly wrong with the Chinese cover of Harper’s Bazaar Spring Edition.

It also looks like we’ll get a peek inside of her fancy Tribeca Stable Loft, as well as some of SJP’s favorite choices in exclusive hoof-wear by the very talented Iris Scheiferstein.

In fact, we found a few pair of Iris’s handiwork right off the runway racetrack…take a look, won’t you?

The White Front-Zip Hoof Bootie

 And your everyday shoe/hoof/bootie is everyone’s favorite, right?

Fantastic, really.

Hold on to your riding hats, because you will rear UP when you see the exquisite Tribeca Stables for Sarah, Jessica and Parker.

Breathtaking, isn’t it?

The life of an aging Sex and the City old gray mare is pretty fabulous, isn’t it?

Gaaaaaah. FINE. Here’s the REAL magazine cover that the whole world is flipping out over due to the alien-horsification of SJP.


Frankly, we did a more authentic job, thankyouverymuch.

‘Glee’ Recap, ‘Makeover’


In what was probably the weakest episode of the entire series, Kurt gets a job, Rachel gets a makeover and there’s an election at McKinley. You don’t care about any of this, and neither do I.

Glee had a chance to be relevant in a good way and address this year’s election but we all know Ryan Murphy isn’t nearly as clever or funny as he thinks he is.

Brittany is running for re-election as Student Council President, and Blaine decides to throw his hat in the ring with Sam and his impressions as his running mate. Artie does his best to make Brittany seem like the better candidate, but is really helping his ex-girlfriend (did we all forget that they dated?) out to score a date with Sugar. Speaking of, I know Blaine, Brittany and Sam are supposed to be the focus back at school but can we do something with Sugar and Tina, please?

At the school’s poorly attended debate, instead of giving a speech Sam strips, deciding to embrace his past instead of letting it be a controversy. Although Blaine’s pro-hair gel speech went over well, I’m pretty sure it was Sam’s abs that won them the election. They celebrate at Breadstix, where Brittany congratulates Sam on his win. These two seems to be getting pretty friendly lately.


In New York, Kurt applies for an intern position at Vogue.com where he meets Isabelle Wright, played by Sarah Jessica Parker. It’s hard not to imagine SJP as anyone other than Carrie Bradshaw, but she really was playing Carrie if she had stayed at that Vogue job back on ‘Sex and The City‘ here. For someone that does have a pretty neat job, she is oddly devoid of self-confidence, but I guess that is a twist on the angry, stiletto-wearing, Starbucks-sipping editrix stereotype that ‘The Devil Wears Prada‘ gave us. She instantly takes a liking to Kurt, as she was from Columbus, OH and once got sick at Breadstix. He’s hired, and immediately becomes her right hand man, but I can’t imagine ANYONE at Vogue or any other fashion magazine would care that much about what an intern thinks.


At NYADA, Rachel is being picked on by the “black swans” for the way she dresses, this of course means MAKEOVER! Kurt sneaks her into Vogue’s offices where they are caught by Isabelle and a couple of guards. Instead of firing Kurt, she helps him makeover Rachel and somewhere a long the way she gets ombre highlights. Rachel likes the new her, and so does Brody. Idk what is up with this kid, he knows that he can have any girl at the school, but he’s stuck on Rachel. Oh right, we’re still supposed to think she’s special.

Almost burning the apartment down, Rachel prepares dinner for Brody, who shows up with more flowers. Over pizza they talk about their childhood quirks that leads them into a kiss, but they’re interrupted by a knock at the door. Surprise, surprise, it’s Finn. Oh yeah, there was some stuff about Mr. Schue being uninspired for ideas for New Directions and wanting to sign up for some Blue Ribbon Panel thing in D.C. that he gets, but that means he has to leave the kids and Emma for a couple of months. Just do it, Will. Get away from all of this.

“Everybody Wants To Rule The World” sung by Blaine. Blaine is finding it hard to navigate McKinley without Kurt, even with all of the clubs he’s joined. Even after winning Student Council President, he realizes that the only reason he switched schools was for Kurt and that he needs to live his own life. It doesn’t help that Kurt ignores his call to keep talking to his new fashion friends.

“Celebrity Skin” sung by Brittany and Sam. Sam has never been the suit and tie type, and Brittany has never had more than a few brain cells to spare at any moment, but that didn’t stop Blaine and Artie from trying to change them. But eff all that, they’re going to run through the halls of the school messing up a Hole song. Countdown to Courtney Love having a fit in 3….2….1….

“The Way You Look Tonight/You’re Never Fully Dressed” sung by KurtRachel and Isabelle. Again, Glee stole another little plot point from the better Ugly Betty. Let’s do a makeover by using clothes in the fabled Vogue closet. To be fair, that’s been done a lot, but it was really done here. SJP really looked like she was having fun, didn’t she!

“A Change Would Do You Good” sung by Rachel and Brody. This Sheryl Crow song that I just barely remember was sung by the two lovebirds as they bounced through the neighborhoods of NYC. It ends back in class at NYADA where they kiss and she offers to cook him dinner.