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Justin Timberlake’s Video For ‘Suit and Tie’ Is Here. Oh.


No one loves JT more than I do. Okay, a crapload of y’all love him waaaay more than I do, but whatevs. I wish I weren’t so gotdamb BORED with his new music, though. I’m one of the dorks that will still throw some ‘bows to get some decent space on the dance floor as soon as the first beats from “Sexy Back” start to bump.  This new “Suit and Tie”, though? Honk-shooooo. Rat Pack? Mad Men? Misogyny? Check, check and CHECK.

Take a look some lazy and predictable crap, won’t you?


Also? I don’t appreciate how JT is pimping out my beloved and exclusive Tom Ford clothing. I swear to Baby Jesus…he BEST not turn the exquisite menswear line into the Hilfiger craze from back in the 90’s, because I just can’t with that shit.  Oh, AND he got Dipped in Cream’s LovermanDavid Fincher to direct this mess?  Ugh.


Is that JT’s head??

If only Jay-Z cried, “what’s in the box????” at the end of this clip.


Maybe I went too far on this…but still. I expected much more from JT after all these years, didn’t you? Just another reason we’re all blessed with the return of Bowie next month.

TIME Magazine Names Daniel Day-Lewis ‘World’s Greatest Actor’…Honk Shooooo



Oh, Time Magazine.  Will this proclamation become an annual affair, or is this a one-time deal?  Because I’ve got something to say about this, either way.

Christian Bale in (l) ‘American Psycho’ and (r) ‘The Machinist’


Self-congratulations season Awards season hasn’t even started yet–in fact, I thought it just ended, and already Daniel Day-Lewis has been given every single award?  Now listen, DD-L is a fine actor.  Yes, indeed. But I never seek his films out, like I do for say, Christian Bale. (And I’m not referring to any of the Batman movies.) There is something about DD-L that makes me forget he’s even around.  Maybe that’s it:  I find Daniel Day-Lewis dull. Slightly (?) pretentious and definitely holier-than-thou in interviews.


DDL, The Cobbler.


Remember when he went off to become a gotdamn COBBLER in Florence after winning an Academy Awards? (My Left Foot is smaller than my right–maybe he could make me a decent fitting shoe.)

My point is, just because a dude is tall, thin and ALREADY LOOKS LIKE LINCOLN, does not ‘World’s Greatest Actor’ make.  Why wasn’t Helen Mirren given this accolade after her astounding representation of Queen Elizabeth II in The Queen?  I love the story she told of how she learned walk like The Queen by studying her CORGI’S little trot.


Dame Helen Mirren


And might I mention Dame Helen Lydia Mirren, DBE didn’t already resemble the mighty woman she portrayed. As we well know, she won the Oscar for Best Actress in 2006. Where was her TIME Magazine cover?

Who do you think is ‘The World’s Greatest Actor‘? I say there are many…not just one dude.