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Wolf & Harrison Holiday Journeys! Come Inside, Get Warm and 25% OFF Purchase!

Wolf & Harrison – PERFECT for the Holidays

I can actually smell Christmas in the air.  Summer in Seattle barely even happened this year.  On a good year, we’ll get maybe eight weeks of nice warm weather.  This year, our “meteorologists” actually figured out our summer in HOURS.  I wish I were kidding.  Tough job–“Oh, hey.  It’s gonna be cold and rainy!”, every single night on the news for nine months.

My point, you ask?  My point is that I’m growing weary of wearing the same outfit year after year. Yoga pants, Uggs, hoodies and the like.  I still want to look cute even though I do most of my work by writing at home.  I was introduced to a cool website called Wolf & Harrison based in Montreal which may just help us out with some twists on comfy clothing!  I also get a Ralph Lauren-esque Americana-feel to the Wolf & Harrison Collection, but without the hefty price-tag of RL.

Oh, and the SALES are fantastic: I have this shirt and LOVE it!  You cannot find anything like this around these parts!

Ladies Side Lace-Up Long-Sleeved T-Shirt – $50 ON SALE NOW $34.25 Available in Black and Grey

I’m completely in love with this fluttery pink skirt with tights and boots.  A whole new take on ballerina chic, yes?

Winter Wonderland Skirt – Price: $39.00 USD

And for the dudes, there are plenty of cool items from Wolf & Harrison, and as you know, I have plenty of testosterone up in THIS house!  I can see any ONE of the men in my life wearing this (well, maybe not Felix just yet).

Cord Accented Crew Sweatshirt – Price: $57.99 USD

Looking for a Secret Santa gift?  This animal-friendly wine bottle carrier is the coolest!  I’ve never seen anything like it!

Wine Bottle Carrier – Price: $39.99 USD

Oh, and FREE SHIPPING! Did I mention the FREE SHIPPING?  Oh, and it gets better:  Type xmas2011 at the checkout to claim your gift of 25% off!   I’ll race ya!!

Hot Gamer Girl, Lisa Foiles Gives Her Holiday 2010 Gift Guide for Geeks! [PICTURES!]

Lisa, as Lara Croft...Yes, indeed.

We all remember when it wasn’t cool to be a geek. We’d get shoved in lockers, called “four-eyes,” and get our Star Trek lunchboxes thrown in the mud. But these days? The tables have not only turned, they’ve flipped the world upside down! It’s now cool to be a geek, gamer, or nerd, and everyone has at least one in their life.

So, instead of chickening out and buying them gift-cards to GameStop this year, get creative! Check out these unique, geek-approved Christmas gifts for kids (or big kids!) in your life that can’t put down the game controllers and comic books.

1. iPhone Coasters

At least if you spill water on these, it won’t be a $300 mistake!

Awesome drink coasters modeled after the lovable iPhone icons, for the truly geeky home. Give these to an OCD geek and you’ll have hours of fun watching them constantly arrange them so they appear perfectly as they do on the phone itself!

2. Crazy USB Flash Drives

For STORAGE, not for drinking, you college boys!

Flash drives are a MUST. I even keep one in my purse – not because it contains important information that I need to have with me at all times, but mostly because it makes me feel like a secret agent. Anyway, click the link and check out these awesome flash drive designs!

3. Angry Birds Plushies

Cutest game in the world is now the cutest toy on the net!

Everyone loves the adorable iPhone game, Angry Birds. It’s literally more addicting than cigarettes! (I assume.) You’ll have great fun hurling these birds at siblings and empty soda can structures.

3. Back to the Future Trilogy on Blu-Ray

“Roads?! Where we’re going… we don’t need roads!”

Geeks have a few Holy Grails: The (original) Star Wars Trilogy, the Lord of the Rings Trilogy, the Indiana Jones Trilogy because we pretend the fourth one with Shia never happened… but the most important Trilogy of all might just be Back to the Future. It has defined so many childhoods, plus it will prepare your favorite geek for the upcoming Back to the Future video game by Telltale Games!

4. Mini Business Card Filing Cabinet

How did we not think of this sooner?

How ka-YOOT is this?! I have business cards lying around everywhere, and I can never keep them straight. But this 6.5-inch tall filing cabinet solves all of my problems. Holds up to 500 cards and is ADORABLE!

5. Star Wars Book Ends

Classy AND Geeky.

A little pricey, sure, but very well-made and perfect for holding up a Star Wars lover’s books, DVDs, CDs, etc! Not all Star Wars toys are for kids – these would look gorgeous in the office of a grown-up geek.

6. Salt & Pepper Robots

Wind-up robots pass the salt FOR you!

I saved the best for last! I giggled with geeky joy when I saw these. Wind-up toys + salt and paper shakers = meals that just got a lot more fun. Someone wants the salt? Don’t lean over people to hand it to them – send a robot their way! Dinner AND a show!

Happy holidays, freaks and geeks! Keep being the best nerds you can be. After all, you’re the ones who are programming space shuttles while the jocks that shoved you in lockers are working at McDonalds. 😉

For hundreds more amazing, geeky gifts, check out ThinkGeek.com.