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David Beckham Runs In His Underwear For H&M

Oh. Hey, David.


Soccer superstar David Beckham teamed up with director Guy Ritchie to create one of the hottest ads we’ve ever seen. Becks sees his “sons” off to school, when he gets his robe caught in the door of a Range Rover, presumably driven by his wife Victoria. Does Vicki drive? After getting locked out of the house by a dog, he runs and swims through a Beverly Hills neighborhood just to get the robe back. All while never losing a slipper.

Becks and Guy Ritchie onset

The 90 second short film promotes the David Beckham Bodywear Spring collection for his collaboration with H&M. It’s a little odd that the commercial features him adjusting himself, the point should be that after all that running he wouldn’t need to, but we appreciate the shots anyways!

Check out the full line here.