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Can 2011 bring the end to the Hipster Glasses? Please?

REALLY, Andy??

This trend really needs to shut up.  It’s as if all of the celebrities are like, “You know, I’m so stinkin’ good-looking that I need to wear some ugly/ironic glasses to show everyone how I don’t take my physical beauty seriously. But I look really hot still, right??“.

Now it’s the President  of The Silver Fox Club pulling this craziness.  Anderson Cooper?  Take those stupid hipster glasses OFF and throw them away.  I’m seriously doing my patented Full-Body Eyeroll.

Let’s take a look at the other goons who have worn the Hipster Glasses in 2010, shall we?

These two idiots.
This child.
I'm a Serious Ac-TOR.
THIS one really should know better.
Try-Hard Hipster Idiot
This dork.
This tycoon should KNOW better.

And here’s the ultimate in Dumb-Assery:

Yeah. It's a TATTOO.

“Man, these glasses are NOT just a fad!”