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Miley Cyrus and Salvia – The Bong Hit Around the World?

Hey, y'all!  Photo: TMZ

So.  This is not a big surprise to me, and I’m assuming you’re not surprised, either.  Here we have a video 18 year-old Miley Cyrus, clearing knowing her way around a bong, taking a couple of good hits from a “spiritual (my ass) herb” known as Salvia.  Now I’ve heard of Spice, but I read this as SALIVA, which made me stop and wonder how one actually smokes their own spit.  I’m really not that gullible–honest, y’all!

Seems Daddy HillBilly Ray ain’t none too pleased about what his Babygirl is up to:

Yeah.  If my kid were up to the no good and caught on a video phone, the first thing I WOULDN’T do is go straight to my Twitter account.  How very Lohan of Daddy Cyrus, eh?

All I know is that Spice and Saliva Salvia are used by the idiots who don’t want to get caught with THC in their piss tests, but still can’t (read: WON’T)  stop smoking something in order to get wasted.  One can probably find both substances at your local smoke shop. Great.

Here’s some info I found on this Salvia stuff:

via: menlooak.com

“In the past Salvia was used by for healing practices, but today Salvia is mainly used for the psychoactive effects it creates. Salvia can either be smoked or eaten and has been compared to other hallucinogen drugs such as LSD. There are immediate side effects such as overlapping realities, altered perceptions, and uncontrollable laughter. The cost for salvia is around $20 for one gram.”

Somehow, I don’t think Miley’s trying to “heal” herself…well, maybe she’s bored sick?

via GossipCop/TMZ.com

I ain’t one to lecture (yeah, right), but if you want to learn a bit more about these “legal” substances, check it out right HERE.

Not cool, man.  Not cool, at all.

Noah Cyrus? You are NOT Lourdes Ciccone Leon. Get back in that trailor and CHANGE them duds!

Ugh. Miley's little sister Noah and cousin Emily.
Ugh. Miley's little sister Noah and cousin Emily.
LOVE Lola.
LOVE Lola.

Ugh. Am I the only one who thinks the littlest Hillybilly Cyrus is trying with all her might to be Madonna’s daughter, Lourdes?   Ewwwww.   Here’s  10 year old stipper pole enthusiast (remember that YouTube video?) Noah Cyrus at The Grove in Los Angeles this weekend.   Lourdes can carry off the avant gard — the Cyrus girls don’t know meaning of the phrase.

Desperately seeking some parental guidance.