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Pee-Wee Herman Lends His Voice to ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ Trailer – Remains Flawless



Lord knows I love Pee-wee Herman…and if this awesomeness were in the real movie, I might be more excited for next week’s opening weekend of The Dark Knight.  Watch it with me, won’t you?


For all the lucky nerds out there who are at Comic-Con in San Diego right now, I’m sure you are checking out the the many Batmobiles and all the other goodies.  I still love Michael Keaton’s vehicle, don’t you?

Bottom left. WINNER.


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‘Portlandia’ Gives Us Eddie Vedder AND Jeff Goldblum? I. Dieeee.

If you don’t sit and watch this entire group of pieces from ‘Portlandia’, I’ll never speak to you again.  The first vignette about the “Allergy Pride Parade” is flawlessly hilarious.

Now GO!!

via IFC

I have a few really good friends in the deeeeep south who betta reccanize exactly what they’ll be dealing with when the come to the Northwest for a visit.  Sean, CoCo, Stella Bella and Co.  I’m talkin’ to ya. Ya hear me talkin’ to ya?

Yeah, that's Eddie Vedder with Carrie Brownstein

Photo: IFC/Portlandia