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Madonna and Paltrow. Those Bitches From High School.

Madonna and Paltrow.
High school all over again.
This picture of Madonna and Paltrow took me right back to my junior year in high school in Ventura, California. (No one from those days read my blog, so I can just say what I want, right?)
The two most popular girls at Ventura High School–whom I actually loathed–were the ones I was desperate to be friends with. Apparently, my masochism began early on in life. We’ll call them Debbie and Dee. Debbie was Italian, had perfect hair and was a year older than me, as was Dee, who was a transplanted Southern Belle from Atlanta and also had the perfect hair, which was a necessity back in the days of Farrah Fawcett. They were best friends, both strangely beautiful, crazy-popular and very well dressed (who wears Gunne Sax dresses or white three-piece suits to school?). Debbie and Dee, that’s who. They both had large but exotic noses that they used to look down upon all of the unworthy.
ANYbitch. This is what I see when I look at these two snots, Madonna and Paltrow. Everything is an inside joke with them. They are also laughing at and about you. Oh, you hate them for it, but yet, you wish they would let you sit at their fancy table. Bleh.