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‘Girl With the Dragon Tattoo’ Official Trailer

Counting. The. DAYS.

Okay. Y’all ready for this? Fincher. Mara. Craig. Sands. Plummer, and REZNOR??

However, this trailer still gives me chills…in the best way possibly.

And yes, to all of the snoots out there, I’ve seen the Swedish version of “The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo”. If you haven’t noticed, I am fully capable of READING SUB-TITLES, so just don’t EVEN.  Simply because a film is originally foreign-made, does not necessarily make it better.

The Swedish film was not nearly violent enough–particularly during Lisbeth’s “revenge” scene. It fell flat, in my opinion.  I’m counting on my beloved David Fincher to satisfy my lust for woman on man violent payback in spades.  I need more lengthy and extreme close-ups of Lisbeth with her tattoo gun, and other weapons of choice. The Swedish version of this particular scene was a complete mediocre let-down. Unsatisfying.  Am I coming in clear?

I’m counting on an  Oscar sweep. Ya hear me talkin’ to ya,  Academy Members? I do not like being let down.