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“Glee” in GQ – What the gotdamnhell kind of high school IS this?

That sound you hear is my disapproving snort.

(Photos: Terry Richardson for GQ)

Oh. Nevermind. I see that Pervy McPornyson (Terry Richardson) shot these creepy photos of Lea Michele SARFATI (I always use her full name), Dianna Agron and Cory Monteith for GQ Magazine. Terry Richards is well-known for his über sexualized photography.

I realize these actors are of legal age to approve photos.  I just find it sorta icky that they seem to be using their teen-aged characters from Glee in such a sexual and specialized kinky manner.  Of course, the only one who isn’t in some sort of un-dress, is the dude who plays Finn.

Oh hey, Finn! I see that you're dressed in layers! And what is that thing your're holding?
Wow. Really?
At first glance, it looks like blood all over the wall...intentionally, no doubt.

Sadly, Dianna Agron looks pretty natural in her little cheerleader get-up, suggestively on her knees with her skirt up.

Lea (Trying Too Hard) Michele Sarfati
Shakin' my head...

Let’s discuss Lea’s photos.  I swear.  In every. SINGLE. PHOTO. she’s giving Porn-Face, and it’s really not cute.  Lea gets the Pose Hard Award.  Again.

"Mistress Rachel"?

Yeah. Okay…I GET it.  “Let’s sex-up the Glee kids!  Thigh-highs and heels!  Bras, panties and lollipops by the lockers!”  Frankly, it’s been done a million times, so I’m not shocked as much as I am disappointed.  Richardson has never been on my list of great celebrity photographers.  The photos always have a sleazy-dude-in-the-basement-with-a-camera quality, and it’s just not my cup of gelato.

Imagine what someone like Herb Ritts (RIP) could have done with this photoshoot…

Britney (Photo: Herb Ritts)
Herb Ritts was the ONLY photography to show MJ looking this hot.
Classic Madonna (Photo: Herb Ritts)

Much better…I needed these shots to cleanse my palate.