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Howard Stern blasts Leno on Letterman [VIDEO]

Howard (never one to mince words) Stern

My feeling is that Jay Leno has had this public bum-reaming coming for a mighty long time–and Howard Stern was just the dude to give said ream.  Howard appeared on Late Night with David Letterman last night and had a few things to say.

I’m glad I actually stayed up late enough last night just to catch Howard’s latest tirade about what a douchey-hack Jay Leno is for taking back Conan’s Tonight Show spot.  We all know the shitstorm that little move created, but to hear Howard Stern’s take on the sitch made for some good TV-watching’, y’all.

via CBS:

Howard’s an interesting one. He meditates every day. I think he’s incredibly loyal (something Leno know NOTHING about) and is a truly decent guy. Dave seemed somewhat embarrassed by the love-fest from Howard, but he sure let him go on and bloody ON about that a-hole Leno.

I think we need an appearance by Snippy, don’t you?

Good.  And I stand by my description of Leno and his audience as being the “Lowest Common Denominator” in terms of late night comedy.  Ugh.