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Jon Hamm Weekend Roundup

Mr. Handsome...who cares if that shirt is wrinkled? Not I.

The delicious Jon Hamm has been making the late night talk show rounds, promoting his new movie The Town.  He stopped by The Daily Show with Jon Stewart and showed off his wicked awesome Baahston accent. He also talks about Mad Men, natch. I would love to see Don Draper working at the White House. I wonder if he’ll show up at The Rally to Restore Sanity.

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Jon also paid a visit to Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. The Roots and rapper Bun B played him on with International Players Anthem, how appropriate. He and Jimmy then played Football Poker. Was I the only one that got turned on watching him pull that money out of his pocket? Oh, and he’s being stalked by Brian Williams.

Gotdamnit. Too cool and funny and hot for his own good.

Here he is being all sexy, and wrinkly, in SoHo. Um, hey uh, what’s that in your pocket, sir?  It was announced that Jon would be hosting the Halloween episode of Saturday Night Live. This will be his third time hosting, and although he is always great, can we get some new blood up in Studio 8H? I’d love to see John Slattery host.  Easy A’s Emma Stone and SNL alum Amy Poehler are also tapped to host. Lindsay Lohan was rumored, but we all know that won’t be happening now.