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The Best and Worst Halloween Treats



Halloween is this Wednesday, which means October is unfortunately almost over. We have half-priced bags of candy to look forward to, but while the shelves are still stocked with every dentist’s dream, or nightmare, we tell you which goodies to make sure you have on hand and what not to buy unless you want your house to get egged. The best:


This is what Halloween is all about, right, tiny versions of everything? Little witches and pirates come knocking at your door for one, two or a handful of fun size candy. These usually got separated by brand or favorites and traded, or hidden away from your parents.


What’s the next best thing to a bunch of small bars, how about their older siblings! The best house on the block, and usually the richest, gave these out.


Mostly everything you got was chocolate, so it was nice to taste the rainbow with Skittles and their fruity cousin Starburst.


Another orange bucket staple was the Tootsie Roll which always came with a yellow box of DOTS and a couple of Tootsie Roll Pops. Nowadays, instead of just the chocolate rolls, you’ll probably get a lot of the flavored ones as well.


Some people like them, some people don’t, but you were bound to get at least one ACT II popcorn ball. Bonus if it was homemade!


I don’t personally remember getting full or even cute tiny cans of soda on Halloween, but a lot of people did. And I for am jealous. What goes better with insane amounts of sugar than more sugar?


I do remember getting bags of chips, which were always welcome and gone by November 2. I think this is what Wyclef Jean‘s song was about.


Twizzlers, hell any type of licorice, can be divisive but I’ve always loved these and didn’t mind taking them off my brother who wasn’t that big of a fan.

Now for the worst:


Okay look, it’s Halloween, the one time of year when it’s socially acceptable to let kids overdose on candy. So why do people still give out fruit? You want kids to have something a little healthier, some great alternatives are those pre-packaged apple slices. Otherwise, skip the produce.


I don’t hate candy corn, I don’t really love it either, but I never had a problem with it. Candy corn was like Emma Stone to me, but there are tons of people that absolutely loathe it. It’s not really Halloween without it, and you always give it out in other flavors or even in Oreos.


Seriously, what the f***! These things are terrible, yet somehow they always found their way into my bucket. NOTHING that says “fat free” should be given out on Halloween. Nothing.


Unlike those Necco wafers, there is nothing inherently evil about bubblegum, but you got so much of it that you never really wanted it. It always seemed to be the chalky original Dubble Bubble instead of the superior grape and watermelon flavors.


I’m not old enough to recall a time when people regularly gave out money as treats, but apparently they did. I do however remember when a family friend gave us dollars one year and I’m pretty sure I used it to buy more candy. I would have been pissed to get pennies, but I guess this was in the “olden days” when you could get a snazzy outfit,  three-course meal and a full tank of gas for like $0.50.


You’re probably thinking “wait, not Smarties!” Kind of like Twizzlers, people are split on them, but I never really enjoyed them. I just ate them because they were there, like leftover pizza. In Canada, you probably know them as Rockets.


Confession: I don’t hate these things. I almost sort of looked forward to them. They were always the last thing left in my plastic pumpkin but they were enough to satisfy a candy craving that wouldn’t be filled until Christmas came around. I don’t think many people even knew what they were called, but they were almost certainly thrown away or reluctantly eaten when everything else was gone. They might still be around, in some dark corner of a dollar store, waiting to be bought by someone who forgot that it’s that time of year when greedy kids invade your neighborhood like fructose addicted zombies. If you do see them, leave ’em be. Just pick up a decent bag of candy and walk away.