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Jake Gyllenhaal and Taylor Swift SPLIT (See Blind Item Below?)


You just know Taylor is writing a brand new song about Jake…what rhymes with BEARD? (Feared. Geared. Queered. Peered. Reared. Seared. Speared. Weird. Teared. Veered.)  You’re welcome, Tay.  I’d be happy to be your dictionary/thesauras anytime.

via People.com

“They’re over,” a source tells PEOPLE about the short-lived relationship. “It ended last month.”

Oh.  Okaaaaay.  What about the vintage guitar and bracelet Jake supposed bought Taylor for her birthday?  Honestly, though.  Who even cares?  Besides these two, I mean.

They sure got the crap-load of publicity they wanted, huh?

Jake and Taylor are totally a real couple.

OhdearLord. Really?

Photos: USWeekly.com

What is sure to go down in history as one of the great romances of our time, US Weekly brings up the inside scoop on Jake and Taylor’s ultra hot relationship. Let me get you a bucket, it gets worse from here.

Sources close to the couple say their “love” is “real” and that they “love” being together. It’s like a real-life Disney movie.


Either they are the biggest trolls in the world, or they actually are totes in love. Looking at her past relationships, one of which included John Mayer (really, girl?), I guess she deserves someone like Jake. If it is a showmance, and I have no reason to believe it isn’t,*ahem*, how did Jake’s sister Maggie get mixed up in all of this? I doubt a pap would take a picture of her even if they did recognize her, so this is all just so odd, but you know, real.

It's a bit gaggy-sweet for my taste....

I hope they don’t have children.   The poor things won’t be able to see.