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New Coroner’s Report Reveals Natalie Wood Was Beaten Before Drowning Death

The Lovely and Tragic Natalie Wood


Blink. Blink.  Yeah.  I KNOW.

Listen, I never believed for one second that Natalie Wood stumbled around in a nightgown and jacket  to take a little time out on the dinghy attached to the yacht The Splendor that fateful night.  Nor do I believe she got close enough to the edge to “fall” into the drink.  Anyone who is terrified of “dark water” will tell you, NO WAY.  In my mind there has been a Big Secret between Robert Wagner and Christopher Walken about what really happened that night off the coast of Catalina.

Look what we have here:

via freepublic.com

“An explosive new coroner’s report reveals Hollywood star Natalie Wood was likely beaten aboard her yacht before he went overboard and drowned in 1981.

The Los Angeles County coroner’s examination of the Wood case also found flaws in ‘every major’ finding of the previous autopsy report that led medical examiners to rule the Hollywood star’s death an accident.

It’s the latest step toward settling the question of whether Wood was murdered, or whether she accidentally fell overboard on her 60-foot yacht and drowned – as the original police investigation concluded.

The new coroner’s examination asserts that bruises found on the actress’ wrists, knees, and ankles were consistent with her being beaten…”

Natalie and Christopher were filming “Brainstorm” together at the time of her death.  As well already know, the trio all went out drinking earlier the evening she died.  Let me ask you something.  Would Christopher have enough emotion invested in Natalie to beat the crap out of his co-star–or does that sound like something her possibly jealous and angry husband might do?

Robert Wagner

Just asking.

Conrad Murray Found Guilty in Death of Michael Jackson

Here come the handcuffs, Conrad.

Dr. Conrad Murray was found guilty of involuntary manslaughter today in the trial for the 2009 death of Michael Jackson. Murray was remanded to custody without bail and will spend the night in an L.A. County jail. So it seems like you have to actually kill someone to spend more than a couple of hours there. He will be sentenced on Nov. 29 and could face up to four years in prison and lose his medical license.

There were cheers and tears inside and outside of the courthouse. As the verdict was being read, Michael‘s sister La Toya could be heard letting out a sound of relief. While being swarmed by cameras and reporters she said, “Guess what? He was in the courtroom, and that’s why victory was served.” She and brother Jermaine both thanked fans and supporters on Twitter. All of them seemed to express that things “weren’t over” and perhaps they were going to drag this all out much longer than it needs to be. [Read: Civil lawsuit.]

While pundits and those covering the trial agree that justice was served, the celebrating didn’t feel quite right.

I just get so choked up watching and listening to John Mayer’s tribute…I really wanted to share it again.  The way John simply played his guitar like it was weeping and by not singing and taking the spotlight for himself was so touching and respectful.

Hopefully now with all of this over, Michael can finally rest peacefully.