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TSA Gropes 6 Year Old Little Girl – Where’s the ACLU Now?


We try our level best to teach our children about “good touch/bad touch“. Then we have a vacation planned to some amusement park or a visit to Grandma’s house–oh, but wait.

Honey, a complete stranger is going to make you stand with your legs spread while they rub their hands all over your chest, back, private parts (just a little, though!) and even lift your shirt up a bit, mmkay?”

You have GOT to be kidding me.  I’m looking for more info on this creepiness.  What on earth could have triggered this pat-down?  I’m unclear about the mention of a “drug test” in this video, as well  (which is from Natalie Oturovich, and was uploaded to YouTube April 9, 2011).

This is either a severe violation of the rights of children by the TSA  or a hoax by some attention-seeking, overzealous parents.  That latter seems rather improbable, as there are TSA Agents in the video.  By the way, according to  the TSA.gov website, children are to be given a “modified pat-down“…I saw no definition as to what defined a  “modified pat-down”, though. We would assume it means “less intrusive“; perhaps it means “more thorough“?

I really look forward to reading your feelings on this video.  I know that when my children were that age, I would have flipped right OUT watching a stranger damn-near molest at the airport.