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Comedian Patrice O’Neal Dies at Age 41

Patrice O'Neal - Rest in Peace


Gosh, this is sad.  Patrice O’Neal, best known for his hilarious contributions to Comedy Central’s Roasts has passed away at the early age of 41 from complications of a stroke as well as suffering from diabetes.

I loved watching him on Tough Crowd With Colin Quinn.  (Sorry about the poor quality of the video; I chose this one, though because of the genius of both Patrice and Greg Giraldo–another great comic whom we lost too soon.)

via: Comedy Central

You will be missed terribly, Patrice. Rest peacefully.

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Comic, Greg Giraldo dies of Rx drug overdose. Goddamnit.

Not ANOTHER comic dying...shit.

I know I should’ve posted this hours ago…but I have a dear friend, Tana, who worshiped the genius that WAS Greg Giraldo.   I had to call her and break the news to her–via voice mail.  Jesus.  No. You don’t understand.  You don’t. (Oh, and meanwhile effing CARROT TOP is still ALIVE making money with his shitty, ‘roid injected, plastic surgery-ed up prop act.  Shit.)

Greg was a Harvard-educated ATTORNEY…then he became a stand-up comedian with a voice all his own–and sometimes it was an unpopular voice, as seen here on Colin Quinn’s Tough Crowd, when Greg and fellow smart-ass Denis Leary go at each other about North Korea:

I like my comics smart and controversial. Greg was all of the above–onstage. Offstage, he admitted to having issues with drug and alcohol. Get in line, right?  No.  I’m sad and so weary of  the people who are the funniest–but are also, deep within, the saddest and darkest souls.

via EW.com

Comedian Greg Giraldo — well-known for his work on such programs as Tough Crowd with Colin Quinn, Lewis Black’s Root of All Evil, several Comedy Central roasts, and NBC’s Last Comic Standing — has passed away. Both Comedy Central and NBC confirmed the comedian died Wednesday in a New Brunswick, N.J., hospital, just days after being hospitalized reportedly for a prescription pill overdose.

This afternoon, Comedy Central released the following statement:

“The tragic news of Greg’s passing hits us very, very hard. Greg has been a close member of the Comedy Central family for years, injecting his energy and wicked sense of humor into countless projects. The comedy community lost a brother today. Our thoughts are with his family.” Giraldo appeared as a judge during the seventh season of Last Comic Standing, and this afternoon, the producers of that program also released a statement: “Greg was one of the most talented comedians of our time. He was truly brilliant. His work will surely continue to influence and inspire us. Our thoughts and prayers are with his family.”

Smart. Hilarious. Troubled. Gone.

Greg.  You don’t even know how much you’ll be missed.  Maybe now you can breathe peacefully.

Written for my Sweet Girl, Tana.