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The Grand National Horse Race – Three Dead Horses

The Grand National Race in Liverpool - Getty Images

I’ll say it right now:  I don’t know a gee-dee thing about this race, other than it’s some sort of obstacle course jumping race on horseback in the U.K.  What I do know is that THREE HORSES are dead after today’s portion of the annual race.  The BBC is under attack for not describing what was indeed another kind of obstacle on the course — dead horses.

See that green tarp to the left? Dead horses. Ssshh. Don't tell anyone, right?

Photo: BBC

via The Telegraph.uk

“Albertas Run won Friday’s Melling Chase in a race in which Schindlers Hunt took a fatal fall at the third fence. The jockey, Paddy Flood, broke a collarbone.

Two other horses, Prudent Honour and Plaisir d’Estruval, died in falls at the same fence during the Topham Chase race won by Always Waining.

Tony Moore, co-founder of the Fight Against Animal Cruelty in Europe, which organises a demonstration outside the gates of the Merseyside track every year, said: ‘I’m not surprised that three animals have lost their lives at Aintree so far, but I am very saddened.

‘For the Grand National there will be 40 horses racing towards the first fence at high speed – it will be like a cavalry charge.

‘With this warm weather we’ve been having we are extremely worried about more horses than normal dying on the course.

‘If a jockey had been seriously injured or killed there would be a national inquest, but because they are animals no-one cares.

‘The only way to make horse racing safe is to get rid of fences altogether, jump races should be banned. ‘ “

Three. Dead. Horses.