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William and Harry and Becks, Oh MY!

The future King with two naughty lads
Now, lads!

Oh, I wish I knew what–or whom these two were laughing at.  Probably Prince Wills.

When did Prince Harry become so cute?  Oh, I remember.

Ah yes...now I remember.

How could I have forgotten the Ginger Prince playing football in the heat of Afghanistan during a brief tour of duty?  Okay. I didn’t forget.  Never-bloody-mind.


via HuffPo:

“David Beckham, Prince William and Prince Harry were all handsome smiles at a reception Saturday to back England’s bid to host the 2018 World Cup. William has said the 2012 Olympics will set them up well to do it.”

Awesome.  Good for you, boys.  All I know is, no one–and I mean no one–wears a suit and tie and Armani underwear better than Becks.


Oh…when I say that?  This is the how and why…