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Shaun’s Music Monday—on a TLC trip, yo.

Back. In. The. DAAAAY.

It’s that time of year when ya starting thinking about your friends. And as the holidays are quickly approaching, many of us are picking up the phone, seeing what’s the dealio, and if ya wanna grab a happy hour drink and hang.  I think back to the 90’s and think about what a dynamic group of ladies, TLC really were . They weren’t afraid to wear silly hats, and certainly weren’t afraid to speak their mind and ‘take the southern route’. I have been pretty caught up with life lately (thus the late edition of Music Monday!) but friends are important and sometimes they just ‘get you’! Cuz every now and then you get a little crazy!

So with a blast from 1992 sending out a message of keepin’ it real and havin’ yo back, TLC’s “What About Your Friends”

Oh, gurrrls. And we all miss you, Lisa…