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Remember Princess Diana’s F*ck You Dress? Take a look at Sandra Bullock’s.


via HuffPo:

“Sandra Bullock sparkled at Sunday night’s MTV Movie Awards wearing a short and backless, but long-sleeved black dress by Oday Shakar. She kept the rest of her look simple with her hair in a ponytail, diamond studs and coral lipstick.”

Hey, Jesse? Eff YOU.
A tight, leather number for the SPIKE Guys Choice Awards. Bad ASS.

via MTV.com

“On Saturday night, a day before Sandra Bullock’s appearance at the MTV Movie Awards to accept the Generation Award, the actress took the stage at Spike TV’s Guys Choice Awards, which air June 20. Dressed in a body-hugging leather dress, Bullock was there to accept the Troops Choice Award for Entertainer of the Year, chosen by members of the military.

In the speech, Bullock thanked the fans who voted her to victory at the show. “Let’s be honest here, just for a moment. We’re all going to be honest, right?” Bullock began. “Did I win this for being entertainer of the year, or did I win this because of the spectacular I.E.D. [improvised explosive device] explosion that became my personal life?

“It’s OK, because I would do it over and over again if it was to entertain our troops,” she added, as she thanked the men and women of the military for their service.”

Sandra Bullock isn’t just “America’s Sweetheart”.  Aww, HAIL naaw.  This is a strong woe-man, okaaay?  “America’s Sweetheart” is not an appropriate moniker for this woman.  In my opinion, Sandy is f*cking Super Woman.  Could Sandy’s shit for Nazi  brains soon-to-ex-husband have dragged her undeserving sweet ass through emotional sludge that had to feel like the BP Oil spilling all over her life ANY more?  Watching this gracious, strong and funny woman was inspirational.   A sense of humor goes a long way.  And so does looking bloody hot and gorgeous in two F*ck You Black Dresses.

"Sandy, don't wear that dress backwards." - Betty White Photo:Bucci/PictureGroup

I think Sandra made it quite clear that she is going to be just fine.  With a friend like Betty White, how couldn’t she be fine?