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Happy 45th Birthday, Shirley Manson! ‘Push It’ LIVE Video!

My Goddess...Shirley Manson is 45 Today!

Photo: via Garbage/Facebook August 2011

I love Garbage.   I ADORE Shirley Manson–it’s her 45th (???) birthday today.  I know, I can’t believe it either.

My son, Hunter and I were lucky enough to meet the wee Scottish Badass, Shirley Manson back in 1996 at Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport. (Alex decided his Big Mac was more important and sat over by the boarding gate, rolling his eyes. Pssh.) Shirley was SUCH a little, tiny, sweet doll. I’ll never forget how tender she was with Hunter, shaking his little hand, and then kind of just holding onto it while she chatted with us and asked him questions.  Hunter was just six years old…and smitten.

We’ve seen Garbage in concert 3 or 4 times…I can’t remember. I totally used to color and cut my hair like Shirley’s. (Jeez, what a 7th grader.) The last time Hunter and I saw Garbage, we went with Patrick, and were down in the pit…right in front of the stage. Hunter’s ribs were being crushed against the stage by a big chick who kept shoving me into him. I had finally had it, and threw my elbow HARD up into her ear. She stopped shoving me. Hunter  who was 11 at the time, loves that story…at least he used to–he’s probably embarrassed now.  Yeah, I’m a badass…at least I used to be?

I hear-tell Garbage is recording another album right this second which can only mean one thing: A TOUR!! I won’t be down in front this time, but I’ll be there to worship the Goddess that is Shirley Manson.