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‘Go On’ – Comeback Player Of The Year


Last night’s show started with the group all a buzz in anticipation of former group member Simone’s arrival.  Ryan shows up the group and explains how awesome she was and that Lauren get slightly annoyed by her over-dramatic antics.

When Simone does arrive she doesn’t disappoint wowing even Ryan, but that’s short-lived when no one in the group wants to listen to him complain about Steven cutting his radio show from 3 hours to 2 hours and 45 mins. Once group is over Anne notices that Dan is working on divorce papers, but is horrified to find out that his divorce lawyer was picked for him by his soon to be ex-wife. Sonia encourages Anne to help Danny not get taken to the cleaners. 

At the office Steven is walking to his car in the parking garage with Carrie when Mr. K appears and slaps Steven with what appears to be a women’s glove telling him that’s for cutting Ryan’s show by 15 minutes. When Steven and Carrie find Stevens car it’s been turned upside down but otherwise unharmed. Ryan follows Lauren to her yoga class to discuss the negative impact Simone has on the group. Ryan wants her gone, but Lauren tells Ryan he needs to be patient and everything will work itself out.

Still being all put out, Ryan goes to Anne’s house where Simone is staying and the rest of the group is there painting portraits of each other. When Ryan tells the group (in front of Simone) that she has to go the group disagrees and as a last ditch effort Ryan gives the group an ultimatum of either keeping him or Simone in the group. 

At Danny’s lawyers office Danny is about to sign the divorce papers that would totally clean him out when Anne shows up and puts a stop to it. At the office Ryan ironically discuss team chemistry with former NFL player Terrell Owens who was famous for wrecking it wherever he played when Simone calls the show and invites Ryan out in an effort to patch things up with him. Mr. K shows up to apologize to Steven and to Steven’s surprise Mr. K show an interest in the marketing side of the radio business that Ryan often neglects. When Danny’s attorney pressures Anne and Danny to sign the lopsided divorce settlement Anne threatens him in dramatic fashion leading Danny to tell his wife’s Harvard name dropping lawyer to “Tell John Lithgow to go bleep himself”. 

Later that day Ryan and Simone are at a bar discussing their roles in group and why they are butting heads over an entertaining game of truth or dare. And when Ryan opens up to Simone the two leave the bar. At Ryan’s office Steven is so impressed by Mr. K explanation of Steven’s job concerns that he hugs him and calls him buddy which puts Mr. K on cloud nine. Mr. K, Steven and Terrell Owens decide to play a prank on Ryan to teach him a lesson about not taking Steven for granted.

The next day at group Anne has a meltdown when Danny is ready to sign a more fair divorce settlement citing reasons that sadly reflect the loss she still feels over her wife. Later that night Simone takes Ryan to a rooftop and recites a poem to him when it starts raining as she had predicted earlier in the day and the two share a kiss. At group Anne confides that she still hasn’t slept in the bed she and her wife shared due to grief;  the group, in an effort to show support, goes to her house to help celebrate the emotional first step. When Anne opens the bedroom door however all are shocked to find Ryan and Simone there together. 

The show ends with Simone walking Ryan to his car only to discover that Steven, Mr. K and Terrell Owens have turned his car up side down.

‘Go On’ Recap ‘GOAL DOLL!’


The show opens at Ryan’s office with Ryan making fun of Carrie for watching a reality TV show.  After Carrie accuses Ryan of secretly liking the show, he confides to her that he’s always loved girlie things after his late wife introduced him to them.  Carrie mockingly asks Ryan to be her girlfriend, Ryan agrees we are given a montage of Carrie and Ryan doing girlie things together.  When the montage ends the two are at the office and Ryan is ordering “froyo” for fellow co-workers, while Steven looks on in disdain.

Later in group Yolanda passes out some Japanese goal setting dolls and the group picks out goals that will suit them for the new year.  Ryan’s goal is to get his first date after his wife’s death finally under his belt, leading the group to start speculating what type of person Ryan would be a good match with.  Fausta suggests Lauren which prompts an awkward silence.

The next day at the office, Ryan is on the air interviewing snowboarding legend Shaun White when he sees Carrie talking to a stunning woman at her desk.  Ryan and Shaun are both tongue tied.  Ryan explains his first date goal to Shaun and Shaun decides not to go after her.  When Carrie introduces Shaun and Ryan to her friend Hannah, Ryan’s attempt to woo is feeble at best.

Later that day at the office when Ryan asks Carrie if Hannah is single Carrie balks explaining that its difficult to be the friend of such a beautiful and successful woman.  Ryan tells Carrie he’s going after her and Carrie warns him that she’ll break his heart.  Steven overhears the conversation, and when he questions her about possibly being jealous over Hannah dating Ryan, Carrie makes a lame attempt to convince Steven that Ryan’s too old for her.

At the hospital Yolanda and Sonia work at Sonia devises a way for Yolanda to reinvent herself and not appear to be uptight by convincing her to pretend to be a slutty party girl.


At group, Lauren is a bit apprehensive about how everyone is attributing their goal-reaching to the Japanese goal dolls and not to her group therapy sessions.  Meanwhile at the office, Ryan and Steven are on their way to an benefit banquet when Hannah sends Ryan a text ending their fledgling relationship.  When Ryan says he can’t go to the function alone, Carrie steps in and agrees to be his impromptu date.

At group no one is there except for Lauren and Mr. K , but he runs off to put on a Captains’ outfit when he sees Ryan enter dressed for his banquet.  Ryan tells Lauren about Hannah and convinces him to go after her–so Ryan shows up at the restaurant  where Hannah said she was with Shaun White on Twitter, and makes his case to her as to why she shouldn’t dump him and she agrees and the two leave Shaun at the restaurant.

At the hospital Yolanda’s party girl rep catches up to her when a human resources employee tells her she has to take a drug test, she immediately sheds the facade.

At the banquet Carrie shows up and looks stunning, but her feelings are crushed when she finds Ryan and realizes that he came to the banquet with Hannah.  The next day at group Ryan shows the group a photo of he and Hannah and tells of his heroic effort to get her back, but Lauren notices a very angry Carrie in the background.

Yolanda and Sonia are at odds over Yolanda shedding her party-girl image.  Lauren steps in and does some serious counseling which includes that Ryan apologize to Carrie and finishes it all off with her judo kicking a goal doll to the groups applause.  When Ryan goes to Carrie’s apartment to apologize she tells him the apology isn’t enough and that she got dressed up for him so she makes him go home and put the tuxedo from the banquet back on.  When Ryan goes home to get the tuxedo, Hannah appears and tells him that she’s leaving for Milan in a few hours.  Ryan is faced with the choice of either blowing off Carrie to spend the night with Hannah or keeping his word.  Ryan decides to keep his word and at carries apartment she suggests that the whole Hannah episode may have shown her she has feelings for him but she awkwardly laughs the thought away to Ryan’s dismay.

‘Go On’ Returns – Recap by David E., ‘A Dude’s Eye View’


The return episode of “Go On” opens with Ryan getting a phone call from the super famous sport commentator, Bob Costas. When the message reveals that he is a fan of Ryan’s radio show, he proceeds to brags about it to the entire office–even turning the message into an auto tuned song to play in his car. When Ryan plays the message for the group he finds that his accomplishment is dwarfed by Mr. K’s revelation that he assisted in building the robot that’s collecting soil samples on Mars. Ryan congratulates Mr. K but when he asks him what’s next for him to accomplish, Mr. K has no answer.

At the office Bob Costas calls Ryan again and invites him onto his TV show with the possibility of Ryan getting a permanent place on the show. Carrie is excited for him but Steven reveals to her that the last time Ryan was on TV he froze up, and hasn’t been on since.

When Ryan shows the group the infamous clip of him freezing on-air, Mr. K gets the idea to be Ryan’s cheerleader and help him get his confidence back.

Fausta sends invitations to the group for her niece’s 15th birthday party except for Anne. When Anne asks why Fausta tells her it’s because she’s a buzz-kill and a wet blanket.


Ryan revisits the TV show where he froze up and with Mr. K’s help aces it and is full of confidence heading into his appearance with Bob Costas. Later that day, Anne is stunned to find that even Ryan got invited to the birthday party so when it’s time for the party she crashes it.



On the Costas show set, Ryan is thrilled to learn that all the topics for discussion are things he normally talks about on radio, but when Mr. K unknowingly intimidates Costas into totally changing the show it spells disaster for Ryan. After Ryan’s monumental on air collapse he severely chastises Mr. K for his role in it all and he doesn’t take it well.

At the birthday party Anne learns that Fausta has suffered tremendous personal loses in her life, a husband and a daughter among others and apologizes to her for crashing her party. When she asks Fausta how she carries on despite the sadness, Fausta tells her that she chooses to smile and that the group (Anne included) helps. When Anne tries to leave Fausta tells her to stay and enjoy the party even finding her less-depressing clothes to wear.

When Lauren hears about what happened on the Costas show she tells Ryan that Mr. K looks up to him like he did to Bob Costas, which moves Ryan to apologize to Mr. K and the two hug it out and make up.

The show concludes with Ryan at home watching a rival TV personality making fun of Ryan’s meltdown on the Costas with Mr. K dutifully attending him.