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Black Milk Clothing Takeover


"Give me nylon or give me death!"
“Give me nylon or give me death!”

photos: courtesy of Black Milk Clothing


I first encountered Black Milk Clothing a little over a year ago. I was introduced by a friend to something that would quickly become the addiction I was warned about. If it sounds like I’m talking about a drug, well, you’re not far from wrong. Black Milk (James Lillis – designer and Cameron Parker – marketing/pimp daddy) is a company springing from Australia and they’re the purveyors of sick, slinky, sexy nylon wear with a definite edge. Pricey? Yes. Worth it? Fuck yes. Going back to a life before BM is simply not an option as I’ve been fully assimilated. Hello, I am a “Sharkie” aka a fierce devotee of all things Black Milk. But let’s talk about the “why” of that.


bm blue tartan


One of the things that makes the clothing line stand out, and is gaining them major traction on the ‘net these days, is their niche attention to geek detail in a way never before seen. Part of a fandom and need hot gear proclaiming that? BM has you covered, literally! If they don’t, they’re more than happy to take any and all suggestions from their Facebook community on what should be tackled next. *gasp* Whaaaaaat?! A quality company that actually listens to it’s customers and does it’s utmost best to satisfy them?! It’s true, this ain’t no Lululemon world! Along with excellent customer service (their staff is love), there’s the fact that BM has a very active presence on nearly every social media platform possible, where “Sharkies” can tag their fabulous outfits and get similarly pimped by the brand themselves. No need to wonder what “real” people look like wearing these clothes because the evidence is all right there! I mentioned quality and it’s truly no joke. James and Cam know that their reputation hinges, at the end of the day, on the actual products they provide which means they manufacture killer pieces built to hug you in all the right places and make you feel like “a hot little boss”.


bm nairobi cat


So, yeah. Geekery. Somewhere along the way, Black Milk realized that a huge number of their fan base was made up of geeks. This, of course, includes their actual employees who may be some of my favorite people on earth! So they decided to start licensing images and crafting them into the kinds of clothes anyone would be happy to represent their fandom in. There’s been Star Wars, Harry Potter, Mass Effect, Lord of the Rings, etc. with Batman being the latest. But it’s what’s next, what I’ve been waiting six months for, that I’m most excited about: The Black Milk Game of Thrones collection! YES, MY DEARS, IT IS COMING (JUST LIKE WINTER FOR AUSSIE-LAND) AND JUST IN TIME FOR THE SEASON 4 PREMIERE ON APRIL 6TH. This collection is the reason I’ve been somewhat stringent with my BM purchases over the past couple of months; I need to buy all the things because, if you’ll remember, “I go hard”.


bm winterfellbm dragon suit














Now, this isn’t to say that Black Milk focuses solely on the nerdy! They remain true to their intended vision of creating lovely, unique designs for public consumption (proof: the “A-Sassy-Nation” bodysuit). It’s just also incredibly validating that an entity has finally realized how inspirational geek culture is and is willing to cater to that. Not to mention that the feeling of looking fabulous in nylon pretty much spoils you for anything else. *shrug*

Check out the promo video for the Game of Thrones collection:


and Batman:


GoT drops March 11th at 9am (Aussie time) at BlackMilkClothing.com, March 10th at 7pm (EST).

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