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Judd Apatow doesn’t care for Ricky Gervais – Needs to grow a sense of humor.

THOSE three again.

Really, Apatow?  Someone can’t seem to take a joke.  Seems Judd Apatow didn’t enjoy Ricky Gervais’s jokes during his Golden Globes hosting duties last week.  (Yeah, I know.  We’re still talking about this, y’all.)

via THR.com

“What did you think of Ricky Gervais?” he asked the black-tie industry crowd Saturday night. “I didn’t like him. I thought he was mean.”Apatow, whose movies include The 40-Year-Old Virgin and Knocked Up, knocked Gervais for his controversial jokes.

“He had that joke about the guy on Lost,” said Apatow. “He said he ate everybody else. Let’s be honest — Ricky Gervais just lost weight. Even now he’s four pounds away from not being allowed to do a joke like that. Did he lose weight just to make fat jokes? You think that’s how mean he is?

“He made a joke about Tim Allen who was standing next to Tom Hanks,” Apatow said. “Who looks good standing next to Tom Hanks? We all look like a piece of sh*t standing next to Tom Hanks!”

Apatow continued defending Allen, making sure to end the little speech with a harsh dig at Gervais.  “Tim Allen did 200 episodes of Home Improvement. He was in three of the highest grossing movies of all time. And his latest just crossed the one billion mark. Whereas The Invention Of Lying made $18 million dollars worldwide…Leave Tim Allen alone.”

And HOW was Ricky not funny?

Oh, hush up, Judd.  Honestly.  Everyone knew what they were in for with Ricky hosting for the second year in a row.  I actually saw celebrities saying how they were “scared to laugh” because they “didn’t want to be caught laughing at another actor ON CAMERA”.   Full. Body. Eyeroll.   You know what?  Just stay home next year, whether you’re nominated or not–so you can laugh along with the rest of us.  Of course, that’s assuming Ricky will be back…which is mighty doubtful.

Y’aller a bunch of pussies.  I’m talkin’ to YOU, Judd-TEENAGE BOY HUMOR-Apatow.