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Singer Gerry Rafferty dies at age 63 (Video of Tarantino Classic…)

Gerry Rafferty, dead at 63. Getty Images

Jeez.  This is pretty sad. Singer/songwriter Gerry Rafferty has passed away today, after struggling with kidney failure and years of alcoholism.  He’s best known for his song Baker Street as a solo artist and Stuck in the Middle With You with his 70’s band, Steeler’s Wheel.  Most of us remember that classic tune from Reservoir Dogs, and the infamous “Ear Scene“.

Michael Madsen, the classic Ear Scene in Taratino's "Reservoir Dogs"

via USAToday.com

“His family said he died today in England, with his daughter Martha at his side, reports The Guardian. In November, Rafferty was admitted to Royal Bournemouth Hospital in Dorset, England, with kidney failure, after years of battling alcoholism.

Rafferty was born in Glasgow and co-founded the soft-rock group Stealer’s Wheel, before enjoying a successful solo career.”

I gotta admit, Baker’s Street reminds me of high school, and it seems that every time I’m grocery shopping at Safeway, Stuck in the Middle With You is playing…so of course, I automatically break into the “Ear Dance” right smack down the aisle for the security cameras.

Thanks for the heads up, Jenny.

Rest peacefully, Ger.