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Courtney Love Bids $17,000 For Date With Adrien Brody

Really, Courtney?

Courtney is trying to reinvent herself as some sort of worldly fashionista, saying in a recent New York Times interview that she’d “like to be trusted again.”   Maybe she still shouldn’t be trusted with money.

At director Paul Haggis’s  “Artists For Peace and Justice” fund raiser, C. Love bid $17,000 for a tea date with actor Adrian Brody. The event was held to help raise money to build schools in Haiti.

Would THIS have been a more interesting date for Adrien?

Courtney was reportedly trying to outbid Adrien’s friend, Gerard Butler.  She also snagged a walk-on role in Haggis’ next movie.  Susan Sarandon, Salman Rushdie and Russell Crowe were also in attendance.

It was for a good cause, so I’ll cut her a break, but she has talked extensively about her money problems. I think she should have just let Gerard win that one.