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Kim and Kanye, A Done Deal!


via Kim's Instagram
via Kim’s Instagram


Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, best known as “KimYe”, are officially married! Finally, an end to our sleepless nights! The over-the-top wedding took place only a few days ago in Florence, Italy, a fact that likely sets Diva Julia‘s blood aflame as she is very passionate about the place, but what can you do? Seems like the entire entertainment world is frothing at the mouth for details from guest list to menu, but we rather focus on the great George R. R. Martin. Being the snarky ass we know and love via Twitter, he puts in perspective how ridiculous our collective panting over the KimYe wedding is.


Touché, my liege.
Touché, my liege.


By the by, apparently Kanye gave a twenty minute rant about the perils of fame during the reception. Excuse me while I guffaw over the irony. The man just exchanged vows with the supposed love of his life yet felt the most important words to leave his mouth, post ceremony, needed to be those of bitching and whining. *sigh* While we get your point, Kanye, some alone time with your list of priorities is probably in order. And that’s that, folks. Good luck to KimYe and here’s to hoping they’ve both found what they’re looking for. Because, you know, it’s really expensive to be wrong that many times.

*Side note: No, GRRM doesn’t actually wish the couple, or any of their guests, a gore-filled wedding. It’s a joke. Anyone’s tits that are about to lose their calm can now settle down.