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Adam Lambert at the ASCAP Awards 2011 – What the GOTdamnHELL?

Ohforpitysake, Adam. Honestly.

Adam Lambert showed up at last night’s ASCAP Awards for Pop Music looking like George Michael and Kurt Russell’s love-child who moonlights at The Grove’s MAC Cosmetics Boutique. Clearly, I’m not done beating this dead horse.

Oh, if you’re the least bit interested, here is a list of some of the winners from last night’s ceremony.

via ASCAP.com

Rod Stewart, Band of Horses, Randy Bachman, Lukasz “Dr. Luke” Gottwald, Max Martin, Pat Monahan of Train, EMI Music Publishing and Others Honored at Star-Studded Event

Los Angeles, CA, April 27, 2011: ASCAP (the American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers) hosted its 28th Annual Pop Music Awards tonight at the Renaissance Hollywood Hotel in Los Angeles, California. The star-studded event, which was attended by hundreds of songwriters, recording artists and music industry leaders, paid special tribute to Rod Stewart, Band of Horses and Randy Bachman, and honored the songwriters and publishers behind some of today’s most popular music.

Top awards were presented to:

  • Songwriters of the Year: Lukasz “Dr. Luke” Gottwald and Max Martin
  • Song of the Year: “Hey, Soul Sister” by Pat Monahan of Train
  • Publisher of the Year: EMI Music Publishing

Special awards were presented to rock icon Rod Stewart who was honored with the ASCAP Founders Award, Band of Horses who received ASCAP’s Vanguard Award and Randy Bachman who was presented with the ASCAP Global Impact Award. Awards were also presented to the songwriters and publishers of ASCAP’s most performed pop songs of 2010.

Hey.  Guess what else?  If I hear Hey Soul Sister ONE. MORE BLOODY. TIME?  I’m taking hostages.  Ya hear me, Pat Monahan? I really do not enjoy Train. At all.

Lest you need the example of Adam Lambert’s birth-parents, I’m happy to oblige:


Daddy #1


Daddy #2


Am I right??

Photos: AdamLambertQuotes.com

George Michael Covers New Order…Yikes.

He LOOKS good anyway.

Lord knows I love George Michael.  I always have.  Seriously.  And I have no issue with George covering New Order.  I know, some of y’all think it’s sacrilege to even attempt to out-mope New Order, but I don’t care.  My issue here is with the use of a recording filter of sorts–or is it just plain auto-tune? If there was ONE man who never needed auto-tune, it was George.

Oh DEAR. That was dreadful.  So cold and so…DIGITAL.  Whyyyyeeeee?  Oh, George.  Did you really screw up your voice with all that crack and weed?

I’m heartbroken.  I need some WHAM! to feel better.


Simon Cowell says, “It’s NOT George Michael” for U.S. “X-Factor”. Well, CRAP.

Not cool. George Michael would be PERFECT for X-Factor America.

Extra is reporting that George Micheal is NOT going to be a judge on the American X Factor, and I think that’s total crap.

via EXTRA.com

“New reports say former Wham! frontman George Michael  has been offered a judging spot on the US version of “The X Factor.”

But “Extra’s” Terri Seymore [Cowell’s ex, by the way] spoke exclusively to Simon Cowell on his Christmas vacation and he told her Michael “will not be a judge on the U.S. ‘The X Factor.'”

Cowell himself will be one of the judges, but he has yet to officially confirm who else he’ll bring onboard.

Other rumored potential judges include singer British singer, Cheryl Cole, who judges the UK version of the talent competition, and even singer Mick Jagger.”


Hey, Simon?  BIG. MISTAKE.  Mick Jagger will NEVER agree to it (unless it’s an ALL Rolling Stones night, because it’s all about ROYALTIES for Sir Mick), and most of America has no bloody idea who Cheryl Cole is…sorry.  Sheesh.  Just when I was liking Simon again.