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George Michael arrested again? Yeah. Shocking.

"Say boys...what's up?"

George-bloody-Michael is at it again, y’all.  Seems he rammed his Range Rover into a 24/7 photo processing shop in London over the weekend.   Now all I can wonder is if he was dropping off some film or cd’s for printing–and what/whom did said photos depict?

via: rttnews.com

“Police were called at approximately 3:30 AM on Sunday to reports of a vehicle in collision with a building. Officers attended and a man in his 40s was arrested on suspicion of being unfit to drive,” a spokesperson for London’s Metropolitan Police tells the newspaper.

“He was taken to a north London police station and later bailed to return on August 13 pending inquiries.”

BOOM. Nicely done, George.

I feel George should probably hire a driver.  But wait.  Then he’d risk a book being written about him and all of his exploits…like we don’t already know all about George’s love of drugs (LOTS of weed) and anonymous sex.  In fact, I learned a new word last year due to George Michael’s behavior:

via UrbanDictionary.com

Cottaging -the persuit of homosexual “Acts” of an anonymous nature in pubilc lavatories via a small and well crafted hole in the cubicle wall to ensure anonymity.

“Please excuse me a second Nathanial, I’m going to check out the cottaging facilities”.

Huh.  All this time I just thought “cruising” was an all -inclusive phrase.  Apparently, I was incorrect.  Some fag-hag I am.  I do apologize!

ANYgay.  Let’s take a look at George Michael’s rap sheet, via MTV.com:

2006 – Authorities arrested Michael after the star was found slumped over in a car and blocking traffic in central London. The singer was detained on suspicion of possessing Class C drugs (Class C drugs include a range of substances, such as marijuana and painkillers) and then released on bail. Michael was involved in a similar incident just a few months later. Once again, the star was found knocked out in a vehicle and then crashed into a traffic divider when a fellow driver woke him.

2007 – Michael was barred from driving for two years after crashing into three parked vehicles and failing to notify the owners of the cars before driving away.

2008 – Even on foot, the star continued to run into trouble. The singer was arrested on drug-possession charges after an attendant caught Michael in a public restroom in London (a seemingly favored haunt for the troubled singer) with a “small amount” of marijuana and crack cocaine. Luckily for the star, Michael was not charged and was sent along with a cautionary warning.

2009 – In what appears to be an annual trend for the singer, Michael was arrested again after he crashed his Land Rover into a truck. The star was questioned and then released and later denied being inebriated in a statement: “Neither of us [the truck driver nor Michael] was charged because we were both stone cold sober.” The star added, “I don’t want my fans or my family worried by what they are reading all over again.”

Oh, George. I still love you, but get it together, man!