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Joe and Tina Simpson DIVORCE Amidst Gay Rumors About Papa Joe

Jessica Simpson and her dad, Joe

Once again, I just don’t believe in love.  Just kidding.

I don’t think that anyone was overly upset or shocked by the news of Jessica and Ashlee Simpson’s  parents decision to split amicably and file for divorce after 34 years of marriage last month, citing “discord or conflict of personalities.”

The filing came a little over a month after the Simpson patriarch was arrested for driving under the influence in Los Angeles, after he was pulled over and blew a .12 BAC, and just two weeks after putting their family home on the market for $4.4 mil.

The aspect of this story that I find the most entertaining, though, is the report that surfaced Wednesday morning, stating that the divorce filing is actually the result of Joe Simpson’s decision to finally come out to his family, and the 54-year-old’s admission that he is now being kept company by a 20-year-old “boy toy”.  Ooh-la-la. Discord or conflict of personalities, indeed.

Creepy Papa Joe and Daughter, Ashlee

Still seems a better use of his time then watching creepily over his daughters’ ailing careers (okay, Jessica’s BILLIONS hardly define an “ailing” career), and making completely inappropriate and gross comments about their bodies.

So. Get it, Joe?