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Seattle Named As LGBT-Friendliest City In America!


Seattle, y’all!!

See? It’s not always about The City By The BayThe Sparkling Emerald City (read: Friends of Dorothy!) is finally getting some respect. Seattle has been named The Number 1 LGBT-Friendliest City in America!



To honor this year’s Pride, personal finance website NerdWallet compiled a list of the top-20 LGBT-friendly cities. They considered three factors for their rankings:

1.    Presence of gay community, based on U.S. Census data on the percentage of households with same-sex partners in each city.

2.    LGBT-friendly laws and opportunities, based on the Human Rights Campaign’s (HRC) Municipal Equality Index.

3.    LGBT safety and tolerance, based on FBI data on the number of sexual orientation-related hate crimes per 100,000 residents in each city.

Seattle aced all three categories. No city has a higher percentage of same-sex partner households (we broke that news last year here on FYI Guy). Seattle also had a perfect score of 100 on the HRC equality index, and a relatively low rate of sexual orientation-related hate crimes at 0.95 per 100,000 residents.

With a final score of 96.8, Seattle easily beat out No. 2 San Francisco.


Live Long And Prosper in Seattle!!

Oh, hey. Did I mention that the Grand Marshall for the 2014 Seattle Pride Parade is EVERYONE’S Facebook friend, the iconic George Takei? 


George Takei, best known as Sulu from the original “Star Trek” series, will take the helm at the big event, according to a news release on the Seattle Pride website.

Takei, who is openly gay, has become an outspoken supporter of human rights issues. He has also became an internet celebrity, with more than six million Facebook likes and more than one million followers on Twitter.

Takei and his husband Brad married in 2008 and have been together 27 years. They live in Los Angeles.

The Seattle Pride Parade will take place at 11 AM Sunday, June 29, on 4th Avenue in downtown Seattle.

You read that correctly, my friends. Sulu is comin’ to town. Oh, MY!

Oreo Posts A Gay Pride Cookie, Idiots Panic

Oreo - Proudly support love.


Nabisco/Kraft caught the ire of a number of anti-gay morons on Monday when they posted a picture of an Oreo filled with rainbow creme to celebrate gay pride. The text under the cookie, which isn’t a real thing, yet, read “Proudly support love.” They also tweeted the cookie, but the Facebook post received more than 162,000 Likes and 21,000 comments. Despite that, not everyone was a fan.

Some commented that they would boycott Oreo the cookie, “I‘m never eating Oreos again. This is just disgusting,” one commenter said. Others said they would also stop supporting other members of the Kraft family, which includes A1 Steak Sauce and Cool Whip. UGH! Yes, let’s just boycott all these delicious products because the company that makes them supports gay rights. There is actually a petition for Oreo to start making the rainbow creme cookies. You can sign it here.

This would be cute, and as much as I love Oreos, seven layers of creme would be a bit too much. Maybe they can find a way to blend the colors down to one of two layers.




It has actually happened–California’s Proposition 8, which prevented gay and lesbian couples from the civil rights that EVERY OTHER couple who desired to marry, has been over-freakin’-TURNED by United States District Judge Vaughn Walker.

“Although Proposition 8 fails to possess even a rational basis, the evidence presented at trial shows that gays and lesbians are the type of minority strict scrutiny was designed to protect,” Walker ruled.

“Plaintiffs do not seek recognition of a new right. To characterize plaintiffs’ objective as “the right to same-sex marriage” would suggest that plaintiffs seek something different from what opposite-sex couples across the state enjoy — namely, marriage. Rather, plaintiffs ask California to recognize their relationships for what they are: marriages.”

“Proposition 8 places the force of law behind stigmas against gays and lesbians, including: gays and lesbians do not have intimate relationships similar to heterosexual couples; gays and lesbians are not as good as heterosexuals; and gay and lesbian relationships do not deserve the full recognition of society.”

A White House spokesperson sent the following statement to The Advocate regarding Wednesday’s ruling declaring Proposition 8 unconstitutional:

“The President has spoken out in opposition to Proposition 8 because it is divisive and discriminatory. He will continue to promote equality for LGBT Americans.”

This. Is. Awesome.