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December Cover Girls: Selena, Taylor & Gabby

An actress, a singer and an athlete are gracing the December covers of Glamour, Cosmopolitan and Essence respectively.


Selena Gomez, star of “Wizards of Waverly Place” is also a singer and now Glamour Woman of the Year. Red balloons are a fantastic frame for the 20 year old brunette who will appear in Harmony Korine’s Spring Breakers. Wearing a cream Zac Posen dress she dishes about charity work with UNICEF, best friend Taylor Swift and on dealing with the Belieber fan base.

Cosmopolitan is the latest magazine to contribute to my Taylor Swift fatigue. Is there anything left  for her to say? For the two of you still interested, SURPRISE, the pop country singer talks about romantic relationships and her desire to have a passel of kids. So grateful my tween is indifferent to her, don’t think I could stomach helping to fund her empire!


Moving on, last but not least we have Olympian Gabby Douglas on the cover of Essence. Of course she is wearing one of her gold medals but even the additional gold of an enormous sash and bow cannot compete with her mega watt smile. The 17 year old gymnast opens up about what life has been like after her triumphant London Games.

Glamour is currently available to download.

All three magazines will be on newsstands November 6.


Michelle Obama and Gabrielle Douglas On ‘The Tonight Show’

Michelle and Gabby (and Stupid Jay Leno)


Our beautiful FLOTUS Michelle Obama made another appearance on ‘The Tonight Show,’ this time discussing that famous kiss-can incident with President Obama at a basketball game. She explained that she didn’t “turn him down,” but was a little freaked out seeing herself on the jumbotron,

This is the background. We had just — the girls [daughters Malia and Sasha] and I went somewhere else. We met him at the game. And I had just walked in and sat down, and I just saw my face on the Jumbotron. And I’m still a little embarrassed. So I just — I didn’t see the kiss cam part. … So I didn’t know we were supposed to kiss.”

As for politics, Michelle said that glad that her husband’s health reform bill, the Affordable Care Act, was deemed constitutional and welcomed Congressman Paul Ryan to the presidential race. “I hope that he and his family embrace the opportunity, which I know they will, to get out there and meet people in this country.”

Although obviously very busy, she stuck around to talk with Olympic gold medalist Gabby Douglas.  Douglas talked about her her pre-Olympics life having to move all the way to Iowa to train and the McDonald’s diet that kept her so strong throughout the competitions.

Mostly, Douglas is happy with the way her life has changed since she and Team USA kicked butt at the Olympics.

I think it’s very different and when I mean different it’s in a better way,” she said. “I mean I never thought I would be doing the show with the First Lady or even you, Jay!”

Oh, Gabby.

Gabby Douglas Wins Another Gold Medal For The USA!


Gabby Douglas became the first African American to win an All-Around Title, earning another gold medal for the US Women’s Gymnastics team. This was her second gold medal in 48 hours, she won her first for the Team Championships.

It was Team USA vs Russia as their Viktoria Komova and Aliya Mustafina fiercely competed for the top spot with Douglas and Aly Raisman. Although Raisman did wonderfully on the beam, Komova and Mustafina edged her out taking the Silver and Bronze, respectfully. I have to again give props to Aliya again for being more than happy with third place, while Viktoria chose to cry over her second place finish. Ah,  the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat.

Gabby and Aly were cheered on by their friend Jordyn Weiber, (who if I didn’t mention I would be tracked down by NBC‘s commentators and talked at to death), and former Olympians Nastia Liukin and Carly Patterson.

It warmed my cold, dead heart to see Gabby’s mom Natalie Hawkins crying over her daughter’s win. Gabby is getting support from all around and from celebs like Beyonce.

Bey posted on her blog:

A huge congratulations to 16 year old Olympic Gold Medalist Gabby Douglas – WOW – what a thrill to watch you take this Gold!  – enjoy this moment, its yours. Thank you for inspiring all of us! Love, B.”

Douglas and the other girls on the team got personal phone calls from President Obama, solidifying their status as Olympic rock stars.