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SNL New Chick, Vanessa Bayer Does “The Miley Cyrus Show” – KILLS!

"The Miley Cyrus Show" - SNL Photo: NBC

So, yeah. I’ve watched SNL since the old-ass days. We’re talking the ORIGINAL SNL–the Belushi Days, okay?  That said, it is always scary when newcomers hit the stage at 30 Rock.  It took me ages to get used to Bill Murray.   Jaaayzus.  I think assisted-living is right around the corner for me.  Do NOT let those boys of mine put me in  a home.   I swear to God.

Last night, one of the new cast members, Vanessa Bayer gave us “The Miley Cyrus Show”–along with the effed-up teeth and ciggie-rasp.  It was good.

Here ya go:

Pretty cool. Love the new funny chick.