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Tom Cruise Scared Suri With His ‘Rock of Ages’ Look



While most of us are wondering where Tom Cruise keeps the fading painting of himself, others *cough* DivaJulia *cough* have raised eyebrows/gagged at his appearance in his latest film. Who knew Suri Cruise and DivaJulia had so much in common? While promoting his new movie ‘Rock of Ages,’ Cruise told Ryan Seacrest that his youngest daughter didn’t like his Stacee Jaxx look.

“When I had the eyeliner and the painted nails, [Suri] was a little taken aback by it. She was like, ‘What’s happening to my dad?’ ” “I joke with friends because she goes to [Katie‘s] sets and there’s hair and makeup and they’re very nice,” Cruise continues. “Suri comes to my sets and she’s got to wear a hard helmet. There are explosions going off. Dad is bloody. He’s bruised.”

Didn’t think anything could scare this child. Two interesting things, to me anyway, about the movie is that it was Tom’s idea for his character to have a pet monkey. The movie’s screenwriter Justin Theroux, yes Jennifer Aniston‘s boyfriend, told Shaun Robinson of Access Hollywood that when they were developing the character they thought he should have an animal sidekick named “Hey Man.


Justin Theroux, if you recall,  co-starred in ‘American Psycho‘ with Christian Bale, who as you may know based his portrayal of Patrick Bateman on Cruise. Bateman’s character in the book lives in the same building as Cruise did during the late 80s.


It all comes full circle.