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Inauguration Odds and Ends With The Obama Family

Uh-oh.  Sasha and Malia Might Be In Trouble With Mom?


I admit it…I snort-laughed with I saw the First Darling Daughters acting just like regular tweens, taking a “selfie” –duckfaces and all.    I’m willing to bet however, their mom didn’t think it was so funny.  I mean, it was during their dad’s Inauguration.  I hope they didn’t get in too much trouble, but surely they’ll get a talking-to for not presenting The Perfect Princess appearance that is instilled in them on a daily basis.  Awww…give the girls a break. I’m pretty sure this was during the parade–not during their dad’s swearing in ceremony.

We feel you, Mrs. O.


Shall we discuss FLOTUS’s Side-Eyeroll situation?  I don’t know how she kept it from being a Full Body Eyeroll, frankly.  If that fake tanned crybaby idiot who made my husband’s life hell like this a-hole did–and will continue to, I am quite sure I would do the same.  And how DARE Boehner smack The First Lady’s arm while she’s eating lunch?  Gauche.  Rude.  Typical.



We need a palate cleanser after lunch, don’t we?  Let’s jump to the Inauguration Ball.  The First Lady wowed and surprised everyone by wearing a Jason Wu gown again. (I’m sure you remember her gorgeous one-shoulder white gown in 2008).

Jason Wu’s Original, Signed Sketch of The Red Dress

This time around the dress was a fiery red chiffon and velvet halter gown.

FLOTUS, in Jason Wu. Again!

I love her new haircut with a little flip to the ends, and of course her super-flattering bangs.  Mrs. Obama wore a rough cut diamond ring by designer Kimberly McDonald. The stacked bracelets are a personal favorite of the First Lady, as are her Jimmy Choo shoes.


After the First Dance – “Let’s Stay Together”

President Obama wore a black Hart, Schaffner and Marx tuxedo.  POTUS went for a more fashion-forward white tie instead of the more traditional black tie (a white tie is traditionally worn with tails).  As usual, he looked incredible.  What a gorgeous couple.


Johnny Depp to Reprise ‘Edward Scissorhands’ Role for ‘Family Guy’

Johnny to Play Edward Again...

Image Credit: Fox; Firooz Zahedi/Fox

One never knows what Johnny Depp will do next, does one?  Seems he and “Family Guy” creator,  Seth MacFarlane are working together by bringing the Tim Burton-created character Edward Scissorhands on to the small screen.

via EW.com

“In a brief cameo, Depp voices Edward in one of the show’s cutaway gags. It did take a second for the actor — who watches the show with his kids — to get back into that vulnerable character from two decades ago, though. “When he was in the booth, he said that he felt like he hadn’t done that voice since he did it in front of the camera,” notes Family Guy executive producer Mark Hentemann.

“He was able to snap right back into Edward Scissorhands once we pulled up a clip from the movie.” Adds Hentemann: “He was amazing — and demonstrated extraordinary patience with all the fawning women in our office who swarmed him.”

Excuse me while I give a slow-clap to Johnny for remembering Edward’s speech cadence and tolerance with a bunch of slobbering chicks in an office.  That’s “so extraordinary“, isn’t it?

Full. Body. Eyeroll.

American Idol Recap – Is it time to give up on this show?


Still coming down off my high from The Voice, I viewed American Idol differently last night. Now down to 6 singers, I don’t care who wins anymore. I’ve said this before, but now I really don’t care. I thought Jennifer and Steven were a great addition to the show but the now what the judges say don’t matter and they caused a lot of trouble.  So interest is waning, but it’s not all the judges faults. The contestants just aren’t exciting anymore. The Idols tackled songs by LEGEND Carole King. Like first singer up, Jacob Lusk.

Ugh, Jacob. Both DivaJulia and I agree on how much we’ve come to dislike his voice. I didn’t mind Jacob at the beginning, and a lot of his notes were on point, but after his preaching to America his whole attitude and the way he approaches songs are incredibly c**ty. He did okay with Oh No, Not My Baby but his outfit made him look like a mall Easter Bunny. He later closed out the show with James singing I’m Into Something Good. Their voices are so different, it just didn’t work. Since James’s BFF Stefano is gone, seems like he got stuck Jacob. Even Randy was confused by the whole thing, “Man, where were you going with all that?” he asked.

James Durbin did a better job with his solo performance of Will You Still Love Me TomorrowSteven got TMI, telling everyone that it was the first song he ever made out to. Jennifer kept it clean saying that it was “magical”.  I don’t know the other contestants felt hearing that the judges were picking him to win it all, but it’s good motivation for them to step their game up. James had better control of his voice and didn’t go over the top.

Scotty McCreery finally went outside of his box and didn’t do a country song. But he still countrified “You’ve Got A Friend“. I think one of the best performances of this song was Carole singing it with Gloria Estefan, Celine Dion and Shania Twain at the first Divas Live concert. Can’t top that. With the guidance of Babyface, another LEGEND, he did a pretty good job with this and pushed his range instead of staying in that low register he always sings with.

Scotty dueted with Lauren for the third time, singing “Up On The Roof“. Seacrest tried his damndest to try to start something between them but I think Scotty is more interested in the young girls that root for him in the audience. They have NO real chemistry but their voices sound great together.

Lauren Alaina‘s solo performance was much better, singing the Gilmore Girls theme song “Where You Lead“. Okay seriously, Lauren’s point of reference with everything seems to come from a really juvenile place, which is why she has never appealed to me. She wholeheartedly loves Miley Cyrus, who came to visit her while she was in the studio. How old is Miley anyway? She sounds older than me, and I just turned 25 (happy birthday to me!). Lay off the cigs girl, you sound like Roz from Monster’s INC. Lauren’s performance almost made Jennifer cry, but it made me roll my eyes.  On the upside, that awesome female sax player was back!

Now to these two, Haley Reinhart and Casey Abrams. I still like Casey but their duet was so unsexy. Not that it was trying to be but thinking of them as a couple is weird. “I Feel The Earth Move” wasn’t earth shattering in the least, but it was a good pick for them. Steven asked Casey, “How much in love with Haley are you?” Lets not go there. They both rocked their solo performances though. Casey donned a fedora for “Hi Dee Ho” which was predictable, but good. Randy asked for less growling, maybe hearing the complaints from those of us watching. Haley had a sound problem at the beginning but worked it out during her performance of “Beautiful“. I agreed with Randy, again, the ending was better than the beginning but maybe she can chalk it up the sound problem and the band being louder than her.

So, who is going home? More than likely it will be Jacob. I think Haley and Scotty will be joining him over at the stools.

We’ll see.