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George Michael released from jail! Everyone sing, “FREEDOM”!

"...some mistakes were built to last"

George Michael was released from jail today after serving four weeks of his eight week sentence for driving under the influence of weed then crashing his his car into a storefront.

“That’s what you get….” Okay. Enough with the ironic lyric quoting.

“I just want to start again,” the AP quoted Michael as saying upon his release, which is based on George abiding by his parole and paying $2,000 in fines.  George has also lost his driver’s license for five years…which seriously, isn’t a terrible thing.  (Except now he’ll need a driver to take him on his cottaging excursions.  That may or may not be embarrassing.)

Okay.  That was just mean of me.  Guess what?  I’ve seen George THREE TIMES in concert, and he was bloody fantastic each and every time.  It’s good to hear George is committed to his career again.  Believe me, I love him.

Come back, George!!