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Stinkfoot Suri Cruise will be wearing a $6000 Halloween costume–ALLEGEDLY

Wow. Crabby much, you two?

Awwww, jeez.  I swear, if this is true, I’M gonna be the one who’s crabby.  I don’t care if “it’s all relative” in terms of what we spend our money on these days, because this is just lame.  I really do hope Suri isn’t wearing a diamond-studded princess costume for Halloween this year.  Otherwise, I’ll puke.  For reals.

via CelebBistro.com

“Suri Cruise is not yet 5 years old, but she’s already developed a taste for the finer things in life. The Hollywood tot includes ballgowns and kitten heels among her favorite things, so it’s no big surprise that she wants to be a princess for Halloween — what five-year-old wouldn’t?

But Suri’s costume comes with a jaw-dropping price tag, or so reports gossip rag In Touch Weekly. A source told the mag that the ensemble is worth around $6K, adding, “It’s more than a month away, but Suri already has her fairy-princess gown and she will be wearing diamonds with her costume.”

Don’t be too quick to dismiss the rumors: This is, after all, the same little girl who was photographed playing with a $100 bill as a toddler.”

What?? Did I read that correctly?  For eff’s sake.  I’ve never owned a dress that cost more than $250 — and I’m not kidding.  I think it’s time for Snippy to make an appearance…


And while we’re on the subject of SURI and giraffes, does she have a giant Kleenex-type pop-up box with a brand-new Little Giraffe Blanket for each and every day??  This child seems to have a fluffy new blankie in every photo, whilst being toted  around like a newborn at almost 5 years of age.  It all bugs the crap outta me.

Yeah. These blankies are $78 bucks. Suri gets a new one every GD day. Add that sh*t UP.

Felix has ONE Little Giraffe blankie.  One.  Just the one.  And the corners are chewed on and torn a little–and I think it’s cute.