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Rashida Jones Goes Hot Glam for Flaunt Magazine

THAT’S what I’m talkin’ about. THAT. RIGHT. THERE.

Daaaayummm.  Finally.  It’s about time Rashida Jones stopped down-playing her stunning beauty and showed it off!


Y’all know I’m right, too.  Rashida is one of those pretty girls, who’s a Total Package Overload.  That means she’s got it all:  Looks, brains, SUPER funny, cool and funny co-stars (like Paul Rudd!), cool friends, cool family…all of the above.  Problem is, girl has been nerding herself up for no good reason for far too long!

Take a look at Miss Jones at the Oscars back in 2007.

Oh, BROTHER. Really, Rashida?

I can tell from her body language that even she doesn’t feel pretty in this get-up.  I just can’t with that swimsuit cover-up dress and shoes.

We need one more photo from Flaunt Magazine of Rashida to show all over us–but most importanly, Rashida herself how truly exotically gorgeous she can be.

I think Rashidaneeds to hire the stylist from this magazine for all red carpet events from now on. AND the make-up artist!  I love that you can see her freckles, while she’s still so glammed up!

Stop being a nerd,Rashida!

Photos: FLAUNT